Our Instructors

Outstanding technical knowledge

It is important for us that our employees possess essential qualities like extensive technical knowledge and a forceful personality. Added together our instructors have almost 60 years of practical experience from the wind turbine industry and they have all worked "hands on" with the challenges on which they instruct today.


Our employees are also carefully selected according to their personalities. We consider the ability for passion and anchor knowledge essential personal qualities and the ability to create involvement and motivation in the participants is decisive for their success as instructors.

Meet our instructors:
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Carsten L. Andersen: 

  • Carsten L. Andersen is educated as an Industrial Electrician with focus within process control. He joined the wind industry after finishing his apprenticeship in 1989. During the next 11 years he worked for several different Danish turbine manufacturers within installation, commissioning and O&M of turbines in sizes from 90 KW to 600 KW.

  • At NEG-Micon he started in 2000 as a Service Engineer before he became an Instructor in 2002. In this job he was "on-the-spot" joining installation and commissioning of prototypes from 900 KW and up to 4,2 MW to develop training programs for these new turbines and their technlogies.

  • In 2004 Carsten founded Danish Wind Power Academy. Today he is specialized in the Micon, NEG-Micon and gearbox training programs, as well as the suppliers in the aftermarket.

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Karl Nors:

  • Karl J Nors is educated as a Construction & Agriculture Engineer by trade and over the years he has worked with a great number of mechanical systems.

  • At Vestas he started in 2001 in nacelle production, changed to service and became an instal­lation supervisor, in 2008 he became an Master Instructor on the V52´s and V80´s.

  • Karl joined Danish Wind Power Academy in 2010 as an instructor, specialized in Vestas turbines and gearboxes. The participants have evaluated Karl's per­formance as an instructor to 5.8 out of 6.0 (avg. for 2013).

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Lars Thomsen:

  • Lars Thomsen is a skilled Boiler Maker by trade (duration 4 years), Marine Engineer (3 years Bachelor degree) and Proof of Authorised Electrician.

  • During his employment with NEG-Micon Lars had 1 year of field experience in Commissioning, Maintenance and Trouble shooting.

  • In 2002 he started his career as an Instructor in NEG-Micon - later Vestas were he worked from 2004 until 2007 whereafter he joined Danish Wind Power Academy as Instructor. Today his job title is Head of Training and he still teaches within NEG-Micon, Vestas and Suzlon turbines, which are his core competences.

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Ole Pedersen:

  • Ole Pedersen is a skilled Automation Technician by trade, and worked as such until 1999 when he joined the Wind Industry.

  • Ole joined Siemens Wind Power in 1999, as a Service Technician and has worked on all Bonus and Siemens Wind Turbines, gaining experience in both installation, service and maintenance as well as troubleshooting.

  • In 2009 Ole joined Vestas as Test- and Prototype technician, mainly working on the V112 project from the start until final serial production Turbine. Furthermore he has great experience in testing according to the relevant Standards. In 2013 he joined Danish Wind Power Academy as Siemens specialist and responcible for the Bonus and Siemens training program.